From the Cast and Crew

Below are some words from various cast and crew members about how they felt or what they enjoyed about their time making the dramatic-comedy movie In Search of Liberty.

It was a lot of fun for me. … You guys created an environment that was very collaborative.
– Karen Boles

It is a magical and entertaining movie.
– Bobby Deen

It’s fun. It’s fresh. We had a good time and I think it will come through in the movie.
– Claudia Deen

The movie has been made with a lot of heart and soul.
– Simone Griffeth

One of the most entertaining and educational breakthroughs that I have ever seen.
– Jimmy Hager

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I hope you all enjoy the movie. It was super fun making it.
– Kayla Huth

This is the most awesome movie! Informative. Fun. Action and adventure.
– Tyler Huth

(When asked about her favorite part of the breakfast scenes) Eating. I am the eater.
– Stella Rylee

I can honestly say this has been the best job I have ever had. I loved working with Norm, Eric, Tom, Chip, and Angelique. I felt like it was a very professional environment to work in.
– Lisa Prentiss, Production Assistant