America's Founders were quite the characters :)

Our Founding Fathers established a country based on the idea that We the People, through our representatives, are actually in charge of running the government.

These boys figured out that continued freedom depended on our citizens remaining informed about how our system of government works.

But they were kidding, right?

Why else would our educational system seriously limit, or even completely drop, study of the U.S. Constitution from schools and leave our electorate completely ignorant of the policies that secured America's freedom and contributed to this country's enormous success ?? 

With so many people unable to read much less understand our Constitution how can American voters possibly select good, effective leaders?

One would think the battle is lost.

But something completely unexpected happened.


Someone made an entertaining and informative movie called IN SEARCH OF LIBERTY that teaches the Constitution in clear, understandable terms – where it came from, its effect on our daily lives and how it preserves our liberty.

Viewers have raved:

“In Search of Liberty is breakthrough cinema… Bravo!”

“Everything about the movie was brilliant!  The writing, acting, the story itself and the message… there is no dull moment.”

“A fantastic introduction to arguably the most important subject in American education.”

We invite you to VIEW the TRAILER HERE and ORDER the DVD.

Treat your family and friends to the movie.  They'll find out what the Constitution is really about.

If you've already seen it, THANK YOU!  Help spread the word and we all WIN!

Tom Solari


Flag God Bless Constitution

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