CA Vaccine Law: Constitutional Or Not?

Governor Jerry Brown signed the California vaccine bill, SB 277, into law on Tuesday, June 30th, 2015.   Does the passing of the bill into law violate the essence of the US Constitution?  Is this the start of the impending destruction of our constitutional right to make free medical choices?

This new bill was birthed last December, when a measles outbreak sprung from Disneyland, which ended in mid-April with reports of 136 measles cases.

Welcome to California, where in order for your child to get an education at any public or private school, they must be vaccinated despite any beliefs you have on the subject, religious or otherwise.  Fortunately, this excludes some children with specific medical problems, and children who are home-schooled or in a home-school group.  California is the third state to enforce this new law, following Mississippi and West Virginia.

I strongly believe that a parent should decide what or what not to put into their child's body, and this new law is another step of stripping our freedom away from us.  We are no longer “free” if we cannot decide what to put in our bodies, and when to put it in.

CA Vaccine Law: Constitutional Or Not?

Written by Malena B.

-To our freedom and liberty,
Norm Novitsky and the In Search of Liberty Team

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