House of Cards Come Tumbling Down?

Our country is mostly, almost 100% represented by two parties, Republican and Democratic. Each has lost their real substance of what they really stood for and represented in years past.

And here we are today less than eleven months away from electing a new president to represent us the people, and this great country.

House of CardsSo what concerns me and should definitely concern you, and I'm sure a lot of you are concerned, is this:

Why is it very few presidential candidates running in their selective primaries – Clinton and Sanders from the progressive socialistic Democratic party and Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Carson, Bush, Christie, Kasich, Paul and a few others from the Republican establishment party and nonestablishment Republican party rarely mention governing by the Constitution. I've heard it from Cruz, Rubio, Carson but that's it. And even with those guys not nearly enough. Never have I even heard a whisper from the lips of Sanders and Clinton, the word Constitution.

Maybe I have but in a twisted socialistic way.

Does that not warrant some concern? Well, it most certainly does for me and is one of the main reasons why I am doing a film on the US Constitution, "In Search Of Liberty".

In our movie one of our main characters, who has been asleep at the wheel or maybe even worse, in an amnesic hypnotic state as it concerns, his life, his families life, and the idea of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, begins to wake up. Like the character Jim Carey played in the movie "The Truman Show," his boat had to run into that fake wall.

The national debt surpassed $18 trillion. That's $124,000 for each American household or $56,378 per individual.

Over 200 trillion in unfunded liabilities (all future entitlement debt), about 95 million no longer in the workforce yet we are to believe the unemployment rate just this week reported and stated by the president to be 4.9% (an untruthful reality of the employment scene), more people on government assistance ever, our military is being reduced in face of radical Islamic aggressiveness worldwide, China aggressively expanding its territorial occupation, Iran leaders spouting death to America and just the other day North Korea launching and testing a long-range ballistic missile that some day can carry a nuclear warhead able to reach the west coast of the US. Is all this nuts or what? Be I and a few others the only ones who think we got a serious problem here.

How strong is our House? – Let's carry on.

United_States_CapitolHillary and Bernie are spewing free this free that, grow this grow that while our debt rises about $171,000,000 a day, this is just unsustainable and burdens posterity. You can read specifics on the internet and for me to note it here specifically creates a puke moment so I will pass.

We have presidential candidates who want to move into the House (White House) who rather than sticking to the important issues are mudslinging to the presidential candidacy. Do we really care if Cruz birthed by an American citizen while in Canada is eligible to run for president? Of course he is legally eligible to run. If you know your Constitution there is no argument on that issue. Or that he took a mortgage against his house from JP Morgan or Chase, whomever, they're one in the same, to fund his senatorial run. Or what Ben Carson did when he was 12 or so years old.

We as American citizens and our country have important issues to address and resolve now and we want all of these candidates to stay on point with specifics, without giving away our strategies to our enemies to defeat them. How are they going to address and handle these?

If we get the same kind of governing with our new 2017 president and houses (congress and senate) as we have in the past, the House Of Cards will fall and America will not recover, be recognized as a great nation and be the beacon of freedom and liberty around the world.

Russia and China will be the lighthouse – god forbid.

To save our House Of Cards from falling, we need a strong foundation. We need a leader in the oval office who takes his constitutional oath seriously, governs explicitly by our Constitution, FOR, BY AND OF THE PEOPLE.

And we need to educate the young and old, and In Search Of Liberty the Movie is an excellent way to start that trend.

# # #

At In Search of Liberty, our goal is to restore the Constitution in the hearts and minds of Americans through what can be the most honest form, Filmmaking.  

Help us restore the Constitution! 

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