Obamacare and Its Constitutional Challenges

Since its introduction in 2010, Obamacare has been one of the biggest sources of controversy for the American people as its provision trumps over the constitutional rights of states and individuals.  And it’s not hard to see how it clearly breaches the US Constitution.  Not only does it increase the amount of money the government pulls from its citizens, but it also inflicts financial penalties on those that refuse to use the system.

And yet in spite of all of this, and the fifty-plus attempts to alter or even repeal the law, it still stands, with its latest victory occurring in the Supreme Court.

ObamacareNormally this would be a cause for celebration as a tale of perseverance and an underdog coming out on top.  However, this is not the case because Obamacare belongs to the increasingly long list of unconstitutional decisions made by the American Government.

This is because Obamacare violates the Origination Clause, a rule found in the first article of the Constitution, which states that all bills attempting to “raise revenue” must start in the House of Representatives.  Obamacare, on the other hand, started in the Senate, and only even counts as a tax because of an earlier dodge from a separate Constitutional clause (The Commerce Clause) that rendered it illegal.

Clearly with a track record like that, it isn’t fit to be used.  It exists as just another example of unconstitutional activity that needs to stop.

-To our freedom and liberty,
Norm Novitsky and the In Search of Liberty Team

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