Who's Peddling the Fiction?

FictionThose liberal/progressives who have fallen from grace and happen to have slipped and fallen into this blog, may I suggest; pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and with a clear mind uninfluenced by those you may admire spewing false facts, take a strong and serious look at this blog –

For those of you who have not been influenced and can assimilate information as well as facts, I now give you facts not fiction from the president’s last state of the union.

Quote from the president – “anyone claiming that the American economy is in decline is peddling fiction – now what is true and the reason why a lot of Americans feel anxious is the economy has been changing in profound ways”.

I’m sorry I had to bring this up and remind you of what the president said, but I do it in good faith only to bring you to reality.

Thanks to Sean Hannity and the Fox News Channel, here are the facts:

Median household income, adjusted for inflation:
January 2009: $56,957
November 2015: $56,746 - a no growth flat statistic and has not grown since president Obama has been in office.

Labor Participation Rate:
January 2009: 65.7%
November 2015: 62.6% - the number of American’s as Hannity says is surging.

Americans on Food Stamps:
January 2009: 31.90 million
November 2015: 45.36 million- an increase of 43% since January 2009.

Americans in Poverty:
2008: 39.82 million
2014: 46.65 up 17%

Home Ownership Rate:
left;">4Q 2008: 67.5%
3Q 2015: 63.7%

U.S. National Debt:
January 2009: $10.62 Trillion
January 2016: $18.89 Trillion- a 77% increase and by the time he  leaves office he will have accumulated more debt than any other president before him combined.

These figures brought to you by Sean Hannity and the Fox News insider with their heading, “He’s the one peddling fiction”.

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