"Children should be educated and instructed in the principles of freedom."
--John Adams
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Democrats and Double Standards

The circus is still in town! It is remarkable how Democratic party leaders rallied around accusers, with no proof or witnesses, in an attempt to destroy the reputation of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and deny him a seat on the bench. Their first torpedo is Christine Blasey Ford, who provided names of people who […]

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What The U.S. Constitution Should Mean To Americans

Today is Constitution Day, time to really think about the U.S. Constitution. On May 25, 1787, with a quorum of seven states present, our Founding Fathers began meeting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to craft a document to govern the new nation, as the Articles of Confederation (in effect beginning in 1781) were wholly inadequate to the […]

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Corporate Censorship - Company Policies - People's Rights

There has been a controversial trend occurring where corporate social media platforms have lessened the reach, temporarily suspended, or altogether taken down the pages and sites of conservative viewpoints. A few that come to mind are Alex Jones, Diamond & Silk, KrisAnne Hall and Prager U. But, there have been countless, lesser known, individuals who […]

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Moderates and Conservatives Very Concerned About Constitution Education

As Constitution Day (Sept. 17) approaches, a new online survey of over 5,500 moderate and conservative American adults found that they are very concerned about the education students are receiving.  When asked “Do you feel that public schools are doing a good job at educating America’s youth on the U.S. Constitution” an overwhelming 94% responded […]

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Memorial Day 2018 - Recognizing Those Who Died While Serving

Decorating graves of soldiers with flowers is an ancient tradition.  In America, while there is some evidence it occurred prior to, the practice took on a more-known and more-practiced tradition during and after the United States Civil War. Memorial Day, earlier known as Decoration Day, is a tradition of remembering, honoring and decorating the graves of […]

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Independence Day and what it means to all Americans

It is unfortunate that, for many Americans, Independence Day has simply become a holiday known as July 4th, and revolves around a gathering of family and friends with food and fireworks. There have been various polls over the years and a couple of interesting videos that point out the declining knowledge of Americans as to […]

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Achieving President Ronald Reagan's "Informed Patriotism"

Informed Patriotism Is What We Want President Ronald Reagan was a Patriot. He loved America. And he knew he was serving "We the People."  He was also very aware of the fact that our freedom is very precious and delicate. When he was being being inaugurated for his first term as the Governor of California […]

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In Search of Liberty Captures Best Screenplay at the Hoboken International Film Festival

In Search of Liberty, the pro-Constitution, Educational Dramatic Comedy movie, was selected as Best Screenplay for a Feature Film at the 13th Annual Hoboken International Film Festival on Thursday night, May 24, 2018.  Producer and Director Norm Novitsky accepted the award for Screenwriter Tom Solari. The Gala Awards Ceremony, hosted by comedian Gilbert Gottfried, was held […]

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We Must Remain A Free People - The Only On Planet Earth

The unanimous decision of the City Council of Boulder, Colorado, to make it illegal, after June 15, 2018, to have in one's possession, to buy or sell or otherwise transfer ownership of “semiautomatic firearms designed with military features to allow rapid spray firing for the quick and efficient killing of humans" is a direct assault on […]

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Our Founding Fathers - Slavery - American History - World Culture

In recent times there have been protests over statues and memorials that were created to remember people who wore the Confederate uniform, because they were fighting the North in an attempt to keep slavery intact.  Following some of that, there were activists intent upon smearing our Founding Fathers because some of them were, indeed, slave […]

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Will the Supreme Court get it right regarding the First Amendment?

Will the Supreme Court get it right regarding the First Amendment? There are three cases being heard by the Supreme Court of the United States in 2018 that have Landmark Decision written all over them. Each of them, on their own, and all of them, collectively, will undoubtedly leave a lasting mark on the freedoms […]

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Federal Judge Tramples on the Right to Bear Arms

Using language that is contrary to the Second Amendment, U.S. District Judge William Young has trampled on some citizens right to bear arms. His ruling to ban military-style and large capacity weapons in Massachusetts is because they are “designed and intended to be particularly suitable for combat rather than sporting applications.”  He then wrote that those […]

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