"Children should be educated and instructed in the principles of freedom."
--John Adams
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Facebook Stops Ads Marketing Award-Winning U.S. Constitution Movie

Producer and Director Norm Novitsky Claims Discrimination In a year that has seen its fair share of draconian measures around the country, Facebook, as well as other social media giants during September and October 2020, stepped up their game in banning pretty much whatever they consider "offensive." However, when ads promoting a feature length movie […]

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Constitution Day 2020

This year has been one for the books, a year where our Constitutionally guaranteed rights have been neglected, abused and even taken away. Here we will take a closer look at violations of our "Supreme Law of the Land." There have been certain states and cities where the issued orders and mandates border on, or […]

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Peaceably to Assemble

Over the past few months in 2020 there have been countless politicians, celebrities and sports figures, as well as media pundits, who have termed the demonstrations that have occurred in several U.S. cities as "peaceful protests." What definition of peaceably - as in our First Amendment right "...peaceably to assemble" - are they using? What […]

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America’s Third Crisis

Can President Trump sink the Deep State? Our Founding Fathers fled to America to live freely, worship freely and to trade freely. England had levied taxes and the Colonists, in response to the Tea Act of May 10, 1773, finally rebelled. The Sons of Liberty staged the Boston Tea Party, on the night of December […]

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What happened to our Independence?

It is July 5, 2020, the day after Independence Day. My thoughts, however, are riveted to this question: what happened to our Independence? I can remember our Independence like it was ... 2019. Then a virus from Wuhan China hit and - ZAP - our rights were curtailed, our liberty was violated, our freedom diminished. […]

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Are Mandatory Vaccines Unconstitutional?

While there are millions of Patriotic Americans who believe it is their constitutional right to refuse vaccinations, based on religious or personal beliefs, or simply their right to decide for themselves, there are those who are trying to force-feed vaccinations down our throats, making them mandatory. And they wish to penalize those who do not […]

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10th Circuit Court Shreds Our US Constitution Regarding Voting

In Kansas, the Secretary of State was attempting to uphold the law requiring proof of citizenship before registering to vote. The League of Women Voters and the American Civil Liberties Union challenged said law in court. It seems idiotic that there has to be a law to ensure that only those who have the right […]

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What the Corona Virus has done to our US Constitution

Regardless of what you choose to believe about the origins and the potential dangers of, and the cure for, thing is certain: state and local politicians have been eviscerating our unalienable and Constitutionally-guaranteed rights. While it is true there have been Federal mandates and guidelines concerning COVID-19, those measures pale in comparison. There are […]

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Producer and Director Norm Novitsky Pens Novel

Two Faces of a Patriot Mixes Adventure, Politics and a Love Story Norm Novitsky, producer and director of the award-winning In Search of Liberty Constitution movie, has penned a novel titled Two Faces of a Patriot. Billed as a compelling novel for our time, it intertwines factual data and occurrences alongside fictional characters, adventure, politics […]

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Virginia - Then and Now

For anyone who knows America's history, Virginia used to be the home of some of our strongest and bravest Patriots - Founders who fought hard for our independence and our unalienable rights and who cherished the United States of America and our liberty. Consider these names: George Washington (Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army and our […]

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Impeachment in Layman's Terms

There is a lot of information flowing around Social Media about impeachment this and impeachment that. Unfortunately, much of what is being spread is far from the truth. First, what is impeachment? Clearly and simply stated it is an accusation or a set of charges brought against, in this case, a public official. No more. […]

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The right of citizens of the United States to vote

Our United States Constitution very specifically states in three different places that Citizens have the right to vote in elections. Not illegal immigrants. Not citizens of other countries. Citizens. Period. Below is the exact wording for each of the three amendments addressing the right to vote. Amendment XV The right of citizens of the United […]

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